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JENSEN & KELLY was originally founded in 2010 from great ideas of its founders and later on got registered with the registrar of Companies and Contractor’s Registration Board respectively. The company deals with construction and decommission of telecommunication mast towers, installation of telecommunication equipment such as radiofrequency equipment, satellite gadgets, large scale constructions such as road works, construction of buildings, bridges, vehicle and equipment repairs, real estate business, repair and maintenance of large buildings and structures, leasing of construction equipment, car dealers, spare parts, equipment and many other consultancy works related to building and construction.


The Company intends to expand its business horizon through East African regions and as well looking forward to becoming among strong and reputable vehicle sellers, contractors in a diverse range of civil and building works.

Our Mission

JENSEN & KELLY strives to meet and to exceed its customers’ needs and expectations particularly on prices and selection. JENSEN & KELLY also strives to provide its clients the highest quality that market can offer. To that end, we hire and retain high professional and talented engineers and other personnel in their respective field.

Our Vision

Continuously, JENSEN & KELLY is looking forward to remain the most reliable and professional contractor of all kinds of civil works, telecom, construction of buildings, bridges, real estate business, repair and maintenance of large buildings and structures.

Management & Organisation


The management team depends on the founders themselves, with back up from professionally qualified employed staff and consultants to cover all core activities of the Company. The Company has developed a strategic organizational structure that enhances the implementation of its core activities and achievement of strategic objectives

Organizational Structure

JENSEN & KELLY is managed by founders, who have the required professional expertise, experience and business focus on which the company is based. We have the Managing Director responsible for overseeing the execution of the strategic and all day-to-day activities of the company.


Three functional directors and managers assist the Managing Director. These include Technical Director, Director of Operations, Company Secretary/Director of Business Development and Market Research, and Senior Consultants. We have consultants with professional expertise in each core business area on a contractual basis. Functional directors and managers are assisted by Administrative Assistants.

Management Team

Following the organizational structure set out, the management team comprise: Mr Martin Kitundu Managing Director, Agnes Mwakibete (Company Secretary/ Director of Business Development and Market Research), Mr Stephen Kingu (Projects Director), John Matiku (Technical Director), Eng Method Mlay (Project Manager), Filbert Makundi and other technical senior consultants are employed in each area based on the key activities of the company

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